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Below are top 10 things a boy can comeup with to get a girl busy with him all day long on whatsapp:

1) Ask her of her favourite movies or books.When was the last time she went to a watch a movies/cinema.

2) Ask her of the favourite place she visits in the city,her favourite restaurants,coffee places, and all time go-to place for all reasons and seasons.

3) What brand of clothing she prefers, is she particular about them?.

4) What type of men she likes keeping company with? what irritates the most about male behaviours?.

5) Things she is most passionate about? what she likes to do when she is not on her day job?.

6) Ask her about her school/college experiences.Would she love to go back to those days again?.

7) Ask her how she celebrated important days of her life over the years,does she like surprises?.

8) Ask her if she has any plans of travelling.Discuss with her places on her list she would love to visit soon or sometime in the future.

9) Ask her about her career plans or achievements in life.What’s the bigger picture that she has about her family?.

10) Her political ideas or the current state of affairs in her country. Ask her of people in her life she is fond of and their characters.

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