1. Giving a girl attention moves her quite shopping for her a presentonce she makes a brand new hair, treat it. once she buys a brand new shoe, additionally treat it. Attention is like Gold to them.

2. Statistics have additionally shown that over seventieth of feminist became feminist as a result of they were heart broken at some purpose in their lives.

3. girls area unit less drawn to men United Nations agency have belly (this one can be a touch obvious).A large quantity of abdominal fat on a personal indicates that they need lower levels of androgen – which means that they need lower s3x drive and low fertility. keep your body physically appropriate secure a good variety of interested girls.

4.A woman are often extremely uncommunicative … Most times once they prove arduous to men, they’re going to their closet and friends to cry.

5. per statistics, surprise is that the best sort of ‘ROMANCE’

6. per studies, girls feel jealous and insecure once their husband pay time with their mother inlaw.

7. It takes time for a girl to trust a person, its arduous to vary once she willhowever if you faultyou may simply forget it.

8. the foremost troublesome time for a girl is once she is faraway from the person she really loves.

9. girls will understand additional, {and will|and may|and might} feel what others can feel, and area unit extremely caring and protecting of their beloved ones. Intelligent men perceive their feeling aren’t in isolation,rather, area unit being shared by their partner.

10. If she loves u she will do everything u raise of her as so much because it makes u happy,so ne’er force her to like you. once a girl loves, she loves for real.


11. girls area unit mechanically additional drawn to guys United Nations agency makes a shot to start out a spoken language,showing initiative and consistency.

12. girls speak quite men and this is often averaging to regarding 13000 additional words.

13. Seventy 5 p.c of girls raise queries they already recognize the answers to.

14. girls mature faster than men as their mental connections area unit optimised faster than men and that they have a bigger memory capability compared to men.

15. girls read the planet on a brighter spectral. it’s been scientifically proved that girls will differentiate additional colours than men because of their genes. typically|this can be} why men often get mad once a lady is making an attempt to prove that there’s a distinction between purple and also the color eggplant.

16. once a girl is angry, over 1/2 what she says-she doesn’t suggest.

17. she will be terribly bitter currently, and a really sweet angel anon, it all lies in your approach.

18. a girl hardly forget things, she remembers hurts additional, avoid creating her hurt.

19.All girls like to be begged. men usually miss out on this.

20. if a girl truely loves you, even to raise cash from u she’s going to be keep and above all if she loves u she will ne’er leave u to pay unnecessarily. If you discover a girl United Nations agency loves you, treasure her always and ne’er let her go.. she’s going to does one sensible for the remainder of your life.