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Lemme avows to you all that I’ve been forcing this overrated “Twice As Tall” album on myself since this while

If I had known this album won’t meet up to expectation, I won’t necessarily need to waste my money buying and data downloading it.

I’d sincerely tell you guys that I’ve listened to this album over and over more than five times and I’m yet to select up to five tracks as a good project.

I heard some African Giants squad have reckoned this album as a tool to battle up for next year’s Grammy Award. SMH! 🙄

You better go and sit down and focus on bringing back Ballon d’ Or.

What was he even saying in that “Monster You Made“?

Honestly, the song “Wonderful” actually hit me well and another track I can figure out is “Bebo”. Any other tracks aside these two should have been bonus tracks.

This is not a critic but the truth, I believe many of you also feel the same way I felt for this album but you can’t speak out and say the truth.

If You Also Agree With Me, This Is The Right Time For You To Speak Out

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