Guinness Nigeria unveils Prince Enwerem of BBNaija 2020 as Brand Ambassador

Guinness Nigeria unveils Prince Enwerem of BBNaija 2020 as Brand Ambassador

Guinness today divulged Nelson Enwerem of BBN 2020 distinction (otherwise known as 'Sovereign') as first since forever Nigerian Brand Ambassador. 

Handling the declaration with a striking, extreme, bold and connecting short film that addresses the personality of the brand and the new minister, Guinness reported Prince as its 'Nwakaibeya'. 

The short film, named Nwakaibeya, grandstands the rich and vivid legacy and character of the East, and takes Prince, similar to Guinness, to the core of this pride of spot, a spot where both he and Guinness are held in the most elevated regard. 

Business visionary, inside originator, style proficient and model, the 24-year-old scion of Umuebie, UgirinnaIsialaMbano, epitomizes the strong, unmistakable and enchanted character of Guinness. 

Child of HRH Eze Leo Mike Enwerem, Ebi 1, Prince won the Mr Nigeria Contest 2018 and was hailed as probably the best ability at Mister World 2019. 

With a fan base and famous allure that extends across the nation, Prince arose as conceivably the most brilliant fare and surely the most sweltering superstar interest of as of late closed BBN Lockdown Season 2020. 

Addressing the idea of the affiliation, AdenikeAdebola, Marketing and Innovation Director, Guinness Nigeria, clarified: "We are past eager to reveal Prince as our first since forever sign-on as Guinness brand minister. Sovereign's self-conviction, energy and his proud associate with his rich and amazing legacy epitomizes the personality of Guinness. 

"Sovereign communicates with certainty, carries on with his fact with strength and motivates the up and coming age of pioneers for his keenness, lucidity and dauntlessness. 

"This relationship for us is as ideal an encapsulation of the Guinness character as it gets." 

Accordingly, Prince saw that, "I am uniquely lowered. Furthermore, that is stating something. Truly, I have consistently requested a greater amount of myself. I never settle. I set a high bar with all that I accomplish and strive to achieve my desire. I have no expressions of remorse for this. 

All things considered, this matter of brand represetative for one of the world's most notable brands, a brew of unmistakable allure and joy, a lager that talks boldness and superiority, this is a major one for me. 

I am scared yet I am prepared. I am plagued, yet I am prepared. It is a test that I completely expect to convey bigly. I am after all Nwakaibeya of Umuebie, UgirinnaIsialaMbano. 

"I anticipate sharing my mystical legacy, my phenomenal story, and my life's strolls with another age of Guinness darlings." 

As brand envoy of Guinness Nigeria, Prince will rejuvenate the pride, venture and unquestionable sorcery of the East. 

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